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Medical Insurance Advocacy
Insurance Advocate
Adria Gross

How Deductibles and Copays Affect Medical Bills

How do deductibles and copays affect your out of pocket medical expenses? This video reveals a case study where a high deductible was interfering with getting medical claims  paid, and what Adria did to reduce the out of pocket expense for her client.

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Medical Insurance Advocate Adria Gross
Insurance Advocate
Adria Gross

Adria Gross Case Study as a Medical Insurance Advocate

Another Reason to Hire a Medical Insurance Advocate Adria Gross reveals a case study that you need to hear about if you’ve ever had denied medical bill claims. As a medical insurance advocate, Adria breaks down exactly what she’s doing to get a large claim paid for one of her

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AdriaGross Medical Insurance Advocate
Insurance Advocate
Adria Gross

Medical Insurance Advocacy Adria Gross Interview

Why Hire Medical Insurance Advocate Adria Gross? If you’ve ever had medical bills denied by your insurance company, this video interview reveals why it’s important to hire a medical insurance advocate. Insurance advocacy is a necessary service many people are not aware of, and certainly need. This short interview will

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Mental Health Care Coverage
Medical Billing Advocate
Adria Gross

10 Tips to Lower Mental Health Costs

Is Mental Health Care Covered? Mental Health Care has a huge range of care possibilities and little coverage options. Insurance often pays for services that are medically necessary in an emergency or when referred to specialists as medically necessary from a primary care physician. Patients have to ensure that the

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